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Summer Magic Body Chain is entirely handmade with rubies an 14K gold filled chain.


Semplicity and uniqueness are the main features of this chain. The low-cut neckline makes it perfect for bikini and summer outfits or on top of a t-shirt.


The finishes, claps, wire and rings are all 14K gold filled.

All the gemstones and beads are inserted manually one by one with love! 


Each bead and precious stone are natural and unique therefore the size and color might slighlty change. As a consequence, each jewel is unique and slightly different from the other.


All our jewels are packaged on a microfiber cloth thats allows you to polish and clean the jewels and gemstones without risking damaging them.



This body chain has one size. The bodychain has an extension that allows you to regulate the closure. 

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